Hour of Power

Hour of Power 2011

"The Boat or the Water?"

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Hour of Power 2011 was a powerful week of prayer, worship, and messages from Pastor Al Royal about the role of Life Church and its members in changing our communities in the coming year. The following videos are from these messages. (To enlarge any of them to full screen, please click on the icon at the lower right of the window).

Hour of Power - Jan 17, 2011 from Pastor Al Royal. There are five obstacles to "getting out of the boat" (and past your comfort zone) described by Pastor Royal in this message.

Hour of Power - Jan 19, 2011 from Pastor Al Royal. Pastor Royal discusses the importance of having an eternal perspective in order to leave the "boat" and enter the "water" (which represents the world beyond our comfort zone).

Hour of Power - Jan 20, 2011 from Pastor Al Royal. God offers us opportunities in life. Pastor Royal tells us to recognize, personalize, clarify, and anticipate them, and then wait on an answer from God.

Hour of Power - Jan 21, 2011 from Pastor Al Royal. Just as with Olympic athletes, vision and dedication are the keys to achieving righteousness. We need to be disciplined to compete in the race to earn the prize that is set before us, a crown that lasts forever.

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